Want a dress all your own?  Send me an email and I'll work with you to create the dress of your dreams! 
{custom orders start at $600}
How do I create a dress that fits if we never meet face to face?  First, I will help you find a local seamstress in your area to make sure that any loose ends are ticked and tied.  second I we will discuss other brands that fit you as your wedding dress would.  I can match the size of the pattern with other dresses that fit you almost perfectly!
and yes, I will need your help to take some of your own measurements, but don't worry, I have a how to chart to show you just exactly what I need. 

After getting all the details, I will sew a mock up dress {or two if needed} and mail it to you for you to try on.  we can have a 'viral fitting' and talk through everything.