Jun 19, 2009

Back in the Lab

Last week I started a class at FIT. They offer great opportunities for professionals looking to further their skills or learn new ones. I have a love of wedding and special occasion gowns. It is a part of the fashion industry that I would die to be apart of(I'll be quite honest, my dream is to start my own business designing custom gowns for people). Anyways this class I am in this summer is Bridal Gown Sewing. I about jumped out of my seat when I first saw this kind of class being offered. Being able to take this class makes me feeling like I am taking some steps in the right direction of where I want to be.

Here is the pattern that I bought for the class and part of the curiculum is that you have to change it to make it your own. I won't let you in on the changes but when the class is done I'll show everyone the completed gown(which I hopefully can sell to someone who falls in love with it.)

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