Jun 10, 2009

Miles Apart

For those of you who don't know me, I live in New York City and my boyfriend lives in Wisconsin. People are always so amazed to hear that we are able to have this amazing relationship and hardly see each other. I can't lie, it is hard some of the time, but we've found some books that make light of our situation and give us some fun ideas to stay connected. Plus we've created some of our own to keep us going strong.
The Long-Distance Relationship Guide: Advice for the geographically challenged

here are a few pointers they give:
Make care packages: you can theme it with a holiday or an event, send a plane or bus ticket. I always liked to send gift cards to starbucks.
Create rituals: always call at a certain time of day, watch the same tv show, etc... so it feels like you are doing something together.

Personally, what works best for me is planning the next time we are together. It's gives me something to look forward to. The next time I will see my boyfriend he is going to teach me how to golf... it should be an interesting time.


Sheena Miller said...

Hey dear!

I enjoy trying to do the same kind of things when you're away from some one as well. And having something to look forward to is always motivating.

Can't wait to golf with you and Tyler!

lowleeta said...

:D that book looks funny. i told jon to teach me how to golf. but he went for one of the first times himself not too long ago. so that should be interesting! ha. but yes long distance is THE PITS. glad to see things are going well with you and tyler :)