Oct 2, 2009

The Ultimate Search!

I came across this beautiful wedding over at Snippet & Ink, one of my favorite wedding blogs. I have to let this come from the bride herself. here is what the bride had to say on snippet & ink about the search for her gown in the days leading up to her wedding day.
"The dress was an original gown from the 1950s which I purchased a week and a half before the wedding. Basically, when I had begun looking for a dress, I had my heart set on something vintage. I couldn't find what I was after, and ended up ordering a new gown elsewhere. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I discovered the bridal store had experienced a problem with ordering the dress, and it wasn't apparent if the dress would end up making it to me on time or not. In desperation, I took the afternoon off work and went searching, driving aimlessly; I came by a vintage store I'd never seen before, went in and discovered this amazing gown that fit me perfectly - and the rest is history! I couldn't help but think that it was all meant to be. I adored the gown and my only regret is the fact that I won't have another chance to wear it!"
{Pictures and Quote via Snippet & Ink}

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