Mar 11, 2010

Come on girls!

Finding your Happy weight

and... Recipes!

I thought I would dedicate today to the health of all us brides-to-be and even our Bridesmaids!
I know that the average young woman thinks about and even struggles with her weight or weight issues. I am one of those women. To me, being healthy is more important than being 'thin'. We all want to look great on our wedding day but we need to do it right.
I was flipping through the online Shape Bride. I heard that they were going to create a publication for it, I don't know that for sure, but for now we have the Internet. They great articles, tips and recipes that are geared towards the women who are walking down the isle.
I recently have joined a gym and have been working out with a trainer (I really know little to nothing when it comes to working out, so I splurged for my own benefit). I am so glad that Shape has created this, it will be a great source of inspiration. And check out the recipes... the Wild Rice with Dried Cranberries looks AMAZING! and I'm from MN, where we are all about the Wild Rice.
... Plus there is an Aisle Style section dedicated to bridal fashion and picking a dress that shows of your favorite features!


a lovely being said...

I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I'm still going to try the cranberries and wild rice recipe! looks absolutely delicious.
XO fallon

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh dear---I just ate brownies!!! You're killing me Kirbie. I'm so proud of you though. I have a gym downstairs in my building and haven't used it once. Perhaps I should try it out before I walk down the aisle this summer...hmmmm... XOXO Katie

Kirby said...

I'm sorry Katie! it's just a little insight into my personal life. I'm sure you live a healthy lifestyle! I mean, I had a cookie last night... :)

Elizabeth said...

I do need to be on my bridesmaid diet, don't I? Yikes.

Kirby said...

I'm a bridemaid for my best friend this summer. so that along with myself trying dresses on, sparked me to start getting in shape. plus, don't you just feel better about yourself when you work out a little

tinypaperheart said...

great entry! :)

Sharon said...

that is so true about how being healthy is more important than being 'thin'. i need to remember that more for myself :) good job going to the gym!!!

OneCraftyFox said...

Great post, I'm going to check out that recipe!