Mar 26, 2010

Monique, I love you

EEEEEK!!! I'm trying on MONIQUE LHUILLIER today!!! She has a flagship salon in Edina, MN. I have my list of dresses I want to try on.
My dream is to work at Monique Lhuillier corprate in CA. So if the closest I can get is the salon, trying on some gowns, then I'll take it. But seriously, I would move to CA in a heart beat if I had an opportunity to work there.
{photos via Monique Lhuillier}


Brandi said...

Her dresses are stunning! Have you tried to put in a resume there? I once sent a resume and letter to a place I wanted to work, even though they were advertising any jobs -- and you know what? I got a job there. Worth a try.

Have lots and lots of fun trying on these dresses. I'd say take photos, but only if you know your fiance won't peek.

jane said...

love those designs- such beautiful work! I especially love that tulle on the lower left, though it may be too sparkly for some settings. and the neckline on the center dress is just gorgeous.. have fun!!