Apr 21, 2010

3 years!

Yesterday T and I celebrated 3 years together. We were very excited because we have been living in different states for much of our relationship that we've never gotten to spend that day together.
So last night after work we found a little Argentinian bar and restaurant and had some AMAZING food! the place was called La Zarza in the East Village. I can not remember the name of what we got but for an appetizer we ordered a corn on the cob dish. T ordered a Paella as his main dish and I ordered a crepe of sorts with asparagus, spinach and cheese.
Afterwards we stopped at Pink Berry for desert!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so impressed with long distance relationships that last...go you.

And I'm loving your new Etsy mini :)

Jane said...

congrats on three years! and signing your lease:) sounds like a perfect little night out - i'll have check out the restaurant sometime. XX, Jane

Kirby said...

E - Thank you so much! and I'm glad you noticed the etsy mini. I wasn't sure if anyone was seeing it.

Jane - Thank you thank you! We had so much fun. I want to bring my parents back there, they love that kind of stuff. let me know if you try it out


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Congrats love!!! How cute are you too? You make me miss my old neighborhood soooo much! Used to jump off the subway at Astor Place so I could hit up Pinkberry on my walk home! xoxo
P.S. Thanks for the photo of the vase---it looks gorgeous!!!

thais. said...

can I just say that your blog name is too adorable.... and these pictures incredible. ;

Brandi said...

Happy three years together! Long distance is hard, but very much worth it. My boyfriend and I had only dated for 8 months before I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. One more year to wait before he moves out here!