Apr 15, 2010

Anne Bowen

One of my daily reads is Merci New York. I was so excited that she was invited to attend some shows during bridal market this week. I hope that one day I will have the chance of going.
These shots were taken at the Anne Bowen show. I love the dress in the top photo in the center. it must be the tulle that is grabbing my attention.
{images via Merci}


pen.ny said...

What lovely dresses on those girls!

I meant to ask! Where in the city did you find the apartment?! And congrats!!

Elizabeth said...

Haha...we love the same one. Your eyes just go to it :)

one sydney road said...

just had to say "hi" because we must read alot of the same blogs - i always come across your name :) gorgeous dresses!

Kirby said...

they are all lovely aren't they!

One sydney road - HI to you too!!