Apr 29, 2010

Custom done right

My Friend Renee sent over to me these photos of this Beautiful dress a friend of hers made. My mouth hit the floor when I first opened the photos. I love all the seaming, the colors, the shape. I mean, this dress fits this bride like it should!
I'm also all over this awesome venue. I believe the wedding was somewhere around Chicago, IL.
It's almost Friday everyone. Hang in there!


Elizabeth said...

It looks like the pretty outside of a seashell :)

Kirby said...

Oh it does! Good Call E!


Brandi said...

Oh my golly her dress fits her like a GLOVE.

Robyn said...

Any one interested in this dress can contact the amazing miss Julie Luther at: juluther@gmail.com

pen.ny said...

OH my god is right! That dress is definitely custom and as Brandi said FITS HER LIKE A GLOVE. Its so stunning I can't take my eyes off it!