Apr 8, 2010


How awesome is this shoot. don't you love all the dresses! and the headpieces that are paired with them are lovely.
Personally, I'm dying over the last dress right now. Love the bodice detail and love the polka dot fabric. Love!
{images via Once Wed}


Sarah C said...

oooo - i especially love the last dress, although it would look awful on me! and the bouquet is to die for!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ummm we're soulmates. I drooled over this today as well and couldn't get over the same polka dot dress. It has a touch of preppiness, but is still very high fashion. LOOOVE. XOXOXO
P.S. How did the apartment hunting go?? xo

pen.ny said...

I agree with sarah c. love that dress but it would look so bad on myself! gorgeous shots, love all of these images. the bride in the first couple looks so effortless and happy, just lovely.

Sharon said...

the poufier the dress the better, i always say!

and wow you are lucky!! the jock guy on glee is adorable :)

dognbird said...

Everything about this is terrific! Such beautiful styling.