Apr 26, 2010

Vera Spring 2011

Ladies... She does it again! Aren't these gowns beautiful! I hope it brightens your Monday. I can't get over the ruffles, the layering and the oh so amazing color!
I could stare at these all day
{images via One Lovely Day}


Jane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those blue/grey and cream tulle skirts. My dress is going to have a tulle skirt with some color popping out, and this makes me so excited! xx, Jane

Kirby said...

Oh Jane! I can't wait to see your dress! I'm glad your wedding is coming up because I can't wait to see pictures.


a lovely being said...

SO obsessed! The champagne-colored tulle gown in the third photo is perfection to me. I love :)
XO fallon

Kristin said...

OMG. Totally swooning over that first blush number!

Giovanna said...

hello number 1, can i have you? so pretty.

Brandi said...

Kirby, these are phenomenal. I've been saying that I want a really simple dress when it comes time for me to get married, but these dresses are seriously making me rethink that. I might need a day of putting on lots of gorgeous dresses like these to get the desire for one out of my system.

Kirby said...

Are the colors amazing!

Brandi - Isn't it so hard to think about what you want and stick to it when you see dresses like this! but I'm sure as beautiful as they are, you could try all of them on but the one you want and see yourself in on your wedding day is the only one you will really love.