May 18, 2010

mmm... Cake

Okay, this is a little off topic but I think this is my dream cake(but maybe twice as tall).  when ever I think of our wedding cake I just think of something simple.  I have an idea of what I want to do for a cake topper, but I have to keep it a secret due to certain people who may read this. 

but wouldn't this be wonderful with an amazing filling?

okay fess up, what kind of cakes are you girls getting, or dream of?


Giovanna said...

that looks so good! we had differences about the filling, so ended up getting raspberry (for him) and hazelnut (for me). the outside is just going to be a simple buttercream.

jane said...

i think we are going to have a wedding cake and a groom's cake. we'll probably do one in banana or walnut, and the other with one layer chocolate and one layer vanilla... not sure yet on the frosting. that does look quite lovely - pretty and simple*
xx, jane

Kirby said...

Giovanna - the different fillings sound good. our gifts are jars of strawberry-rubarhb jam so i thought it might be nice to have one of those flavors included. we'll see.

Jane - those sound delicous! i think that is what I love about this cake, it is simple but still pretty.

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

that looks delicious! i agree that simple is definitely the way to go :) i'm excited for this mystery cake topper though!

Brandi said...

I baked a cake that looks a bit like this yesterday. It was a white cake with an orange whipped cream frosting (which I used between layers as well).

Oh golly I need a slice of it now.

asj said...

So simple, I love it! I'm thinking lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream... mmm makes me want cake for breakfast!