May 7, 2010

oh Friday

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am that it is friday. just a few more hours and I will be free for the weekend.
I love this photo, and this may seem strange to some of you but I really like how her coat is the same length as her dress. I think that is perfect. that and those shoes and her flowers. :)
Have a good weekend everyone! I hope it is wonderful!
{image via Snippet and Ink}
ps... does anyone know how to put a page break in? I can't seem to figure it out and I don't like how it is all together? I need more spacing!
thank you.


Design Darling said...

i love the photo and know exactly what you mean about the jacket hitting at just the right place. have a lovely weekend!

Ashleigh said...

The photo is fabulous - I love how fluffy the skirt is, must the little girl twirler in me :)

Brandi said...

The photo is hysterical -- love it.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

passport in my pocket said...

such a pretty picture!

page break... here's a good resource that helped me when I used blogger:

have a lovely weekend!

Sharon said...

ah! i love that the shoes are metallic...i hope i can find some that are similar. you always find the best wedding pics!

Elizabeth said...

I love everything about her jacket...the length, the buttons, the color. It goes perfectly with her shoes :)