May 14, 2010


Can you guess what I'll be up to this weekend? Yup, Packing. that and finishing 2 dresses before I pack up my sewing machine.

although, I have been told that I am a Packer extraordinaire my friends that I have traveled with, so I don't foresee any difficulties.

What are you all up to this weekend?


Kirby said...

yup! and I'll have to wear something cute while doing it too!

Maybe I'll make a list of my secrets for you. or I could come for a visit and show you what I can all pack in a carry on ;D

have a good weekend!

Brandi said...

Good luck with all that packing! I'm heading to the farmer's market this weekend again, and then a friend and I are going to do some cupcake testing (gotta find some good cupcakes here in San Diego).

double u said...

packing extraorinaire for sure! com'on, don't you remember london where we all had to book times with you so you could pack 4 suitcases worth of stuff into 2 suitcases! :)

Kirby said...

AAAAH!!! I do Remember that! and I think I even tried my best to keep it under the weight limit. although, I don't think it worked.