May 12, 2010

something blue inspiration shoot

I really enjoy shoots like this. they are really inspiring and it seams like the people that put them together have a lot of fun with it. This one was featured on Green Wedding shoes blog and was style Yelena Johnson of the stylish soiree and photographed by heather kincaid.

I am so inspired by the blue hues in this shoot. the vintage 'wedding dress' with the blue beading at the bodice. followed by a blue, cut out lace, number, which I adore! especially with her tights and shoes! this whole look is great. wouldn't a look like this be great if you had a send off, where you went and changed before heading to the airport for your honeymoon? Very Chic

{images via Green Wedding Shoes}


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

The blue dress is beyond cute. And the bouquet. I die!

XX katie

Elizabeth said...

I love the first look...are those little gloves? Too cute!

a lovely being said...

totally inspired. she's wearing gloves, too? SO chic. I'm going to start brainstorming an outfit that I can accessorize with a similar pair. also, when I get married, I would love to wear a dress that I can wear again (this girl can wear her dress again, don't you think?). loving this photoshoot :)
XO fallon

Kirby said...

all your comments make me smile! yes, that blue dress is amazing! and would be so much fun to wear again. Her little gloves are a great accessory.

Fallon - I'm thinking that I could probably wear my dress again on a cruise for the formal dinner, or when I get invited to walk the red carpet. :)


jane said...

love the blue! scott's suit is blue, so i think we're covered. wonder where the lace dress is from... it would be perfect for our little farewell brunch!
xo, jane

Courtney said...

I LOVE her makeup. I am loving the vintage look without it being too cutesy.