Jun 23, 2010

Love Shoot Wednesday

I found these pictures a while back and saved them in my own engagement shoot inspiration folder.  I thought something like this would be a perfect way to laugh about our time dating.  Him in Wisconsin, me in New York. 



jane said...

LOVE the last shot! this series is great - so fun and retro. It's a great idea since you guys were long distance. xx

Mo Pie, Please said...

So cute, it would be the perfect way to express that! Ours were on a frozen lake - it had nothing to do with our relationship at all but they still turned out terrific!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Definitely an appropriate engagement shoot for a long distance couple. I wonder where they found the plane : )

xx Katie

Kirby said...

Jane - I totally agree! I'm not sure if we are going to go this direction, but we'll see.

Mo - I just checked out your engagement photos! I would love to see more. I grew up on a lake and skated most my life so I've also considered going ice skating for our pictures.

Katie - Maybe they went to an airport or they new someone who had a small plane?

xx Kirby

Brandi said...

These are so very cute! They must have some connections to be able to get that plane. And now I have "Leaving on a Jet Plane" playing in my head. That was inevitable.