Jun 8, 2010

Rachel Gilbert

As I was putting together yesterdays post I couldn't help but fall in love with the gowns in Rachel Gilberts current collection.

These are three that I thought would make great wedding gowns.  I'm especially loving the last one and the contrast between the grey skirt and cream top. 

Casual, yet oh-so-chic!

Still to come, a peek at the new button and boo collection! 


Jane said...

love the simplicity of the second gown. she floats like a cloud. lovely* xx, Jane

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

AMAZING!!!! Love all three looks, but the last is my favorite. Can't wait for the button and boo peek!!!

xx Katie

Kirby said...

Jane- what a lovely description of that dress, " she floats like a cloud". I am going to have to write that one down.

Katie - I love the last one too. I think it would be great for anything like a rehearsal, the actual wedding or if you are doing a honeymoon getaway outfit! Amazing!

xx Kirby