Jul 7, 2010

Love shoot Wednesday!

T and I have contemplated the idea of taking our engagement pictures here in New York.  As of now that isn't going to happen, but if things changed I would look to this engagement shoot, shot by Robert Wagner, for inspiration. 

I love the classic cool look of all the photos.  it's not at all about the city, but about the couple.  The city is only an accessory or prop. 


Brandi said...

It's photos like this that remind me how much I love New York. They're fantastic.

Lydia said...

NYC makes such a great backdrop for this couple, very nice!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Agreed, these have classic written all over them!

Kirby said...

I'm so glad you love them!

Mara - I scheduled an engagement session! august 11th. We're really excited.

xx Kirby