Jul 19, 2010

stamp it

So very recently I've been starting to think about our wedding invitations and all that surround it.  I've been gathering inspiration, fonts, graphics and stamps.  I loved this post by 100 layer cake on vintage postage.  I was wondering how I could find old postage for our invites. although I'm not sure if that is the way we are going to go yet.  Then just this morning I stumbled upon this site, zazzle.com, that makes custom stamps!  they are affiliated with the United states postal service so they are all legit. 

I'm thinking that a stamp with our wedding logo might be perfect!

xx kirby


Mo Pie, Please said...

We used zazzle for our wedding invites. We used one of our engagement pics and turned it into a stamp and then also bought vintage looking stamps of Califonria and wine. Pretty cool!

jane said...

i SO wanted to use vintage stamps for our invites but didn't leave myself enough time to collect :( there are a bunch of shops that sell unused vintage stamps, which i think is just the coolect touch to an envelope... good luck with the stationery - that's been my favorite part of the wedding planning thus far! xxo, Jane

Kirby said...

Mo - you're stamps sound wonderful! I'm so glad I found this site!

Jane - I can imagine it could be a little stressful to try to gather the amount needed. maybe if you had a small wedding and didn't need to send out as many invites it would be less of a headace. but they are so beautiful and a great detail to the invites. and I'm sure your stationary was your favorite part! I can't wait to see everything all complete and put to use!

xx Kirby

Brandi said...

I think the stamps are a fantastic idea! They're one of those fun little touches that would make any recipient smile.

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Such cool collectibles! I love the idea of custom stamps for a wedding. I know Etsy has some good options for vintage and custom numbers, though I'm sure you already knew that since you have your very own shop :)