Aug 27, 2010

Just In Time

Don't you just love images that show the bride as she is getting ready and waiting.  there is either so much going on in her head or this really peaceful feeling.  

For you ladies that have been through this, how did you feel during these moments?

p.s.  I'll be back full swing on Monday


Mo Pie, Please said...

Oh my, I'm not looking forward to the pictures of me getting ready! I had curly-q's and no makeup on and was stuffing my mouth with food. And my photographer was right in my face about it! But she's a friend, so that makes it different but still! This bride looks beautiful! I was at peace when I was getting ready but I was kind of jealous of everyone getting to go out and see the grounds and talk to people and see the flowers when they arrived, etc.

jane said...

i hope i am this peaceful and at ease, but i'm pretty sure i'll be biting my nails as a nervous wreck. it's next weekend! time flies! xo,jane

Dandelion and Grey said...

I was actually surprisingly calm!

These photos are lovely..I hope you enjoy your weekend, Kirby!

Brandi said...

These photos are beautiful. I've never been married so I can't imagine how this would feel, though I've always loved being pampered.

Hope all has been well lately, darling! Have a fantastic weekend!