Sep 6, 2010


You know it's not like me to post pictures of food.  but I was FINALLY getting around to saving pictures from my trip home and when I saw these, I just had to share.  All this yummy food is from my friend's bachelorette party! 

We made our own version of baked brie with raspberries, a cream cheese dip on cracker concoction and a yummy raspberry lemonade cocktail with fresh raspberries of course!

Happy Labor Day!!


Brandi said...

Oh Kirby, that all looks so wonderfully delicious! Brie is always a hit. And I love your new banner for the blog -- it's so cute! Hope you're having a great Labor Day, my dear.

Bridget said...

that is looking scrumptious.
happy labor day.

Anonymous said...

Kirby I love the banner. I have been reading books to bee the best I can bee! I love you.
Bee happy...Aunt Letha

Sheena Sayre said...

it was all scrumptuous! love you!

(can you email me pics from that day?)