Sep 28, 2010

Quail Bridal

Quail.  I just discovered it. 

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Sarah C said...

First, the mint green shoes and giant bow in the second picture. WOW!

And- I'm loving the mustard/white combo! What a great find!

Brandi said...

So far very cute. I need to see more. And I agree with Sarah -- the mustard/white combo is fantastic.

Kirby said...

Sarah and Brandi - i agree with both of you! obsessed with the mustard and Loving the Mint green shoes!

thanks for stopping by!

xx Kirby

Bridget said...


Jennifer Vance said...

Mustard white combo,of course!haha
I like mustard yellow,but it's not the best shade of yellow on me.I might be able to carry it off as the bottom half of something,though.

Ashleigh said...

Oh my goodness these are fantastic!! How much am I loving the updo too!?

Sandy a la Mode said...

that dress w/ the mustard color on top, i MUST have that!!

Giovanna said...

love the first one. really cool, especially for winter.

Kirby said...

Ashleigh - this whole shoot is styled so stylishly!

Sandy - I love the mustard too!! it must be why I just bought a mustard colored sweater ;)

Giovanna - I agree, I think dress #1 would be a great gown for all those winter brides out there. the skirt almost looks like a blanket of snow!

xx Kirby