Nov 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Coco Canal

4:: An incredible coffee table book about an inspiring soul, Alexander McQueen:: Genius of a Generation 
5:: Year membership to the Moma  6:: Jiffy ESteam, a wardrobe necessity  7:: Iphone Credit Card Reader 
10:: Alegria bracelet for $20 and the proceeds go to fund supplies for the kids and their community.
Today's first Holiday Gift Guide is by Melina from Coco Canal!  Melina has been a friend of mine since we both interned at Lela Rose together about 5 years ago.  She is currently a stylist here in New York, always sporting a great look and I've never seen her with out some amazing accessories!  She's got it all on her list, coffee, for girls on the go, a steamer because we all should have one and even a membership to the MOMA!  Some tributes to Alexander McQueen, an over-sized scarf to wrap as a turban and a coffee table book (book necessities if you ask me). 
I think my most favorite thing on her list is the Alegria BraceletsAlegria is a non-profit collective of New York City artists committed to creatively investing in orphanages in the Andean regions of South America.  Melina is one of  these artists and is fully dedicated to helping out in any ways she can. by purchasing one of their bracelets for $20, all proceeds go to these kids and their artistic needs.  check out more on how you can make a difference!


Brandi said...

Excellent gift guide, Kirby! I will have to check out these bracelets more closely. I love that the proceeds go towards making a difference in someone's life.

Christine said...

I remember those hamburger phones.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

What a great list! Looking forward to all the others :) xo