Dec 7, 2010

keeping warm

Now that winter is in full swing it makes me think about a warm detail for my own wedding.  My wedding is in the Fall but in Minnesota you never know what the weather is going to be and I'd rather be prepared for cold weather. 

So do I go with a faux fur cropped coat, or a more casual cardi?


Brandi said...

I say go with a cardigan in the fall and faux fur cropped coat in the winter. Will you be outside for much of the time or just running in and out of places?

misshannie said...

Personally I love the cropped cardi look, but then I've never really been a fan of the fur look.

I'm sure you'll look beautiful no matter what!

Much love, Hannie

Mo Pie, Please said...

I love this look very much. The cardi is a safe bet for sure but weather is so predictable that I would probably end up going with both. I bought an Anthro cardi that was a soft pink wrap to wear if it was chilly at night on my wedding day but napa valley surprised me that night and I didn't need it at all. I'm glad to have it though!