Jan 13, 2011

Rose Gold

I've been thinking a lot about what kind of wedding band I want.  My ring is Gold, but I keep looking at these beautiful Rose Gold bands. 

A woman I used to work with would get a band from her husband ever year for their anniversary and she would stack them differently all the time.  they were a mixture of golds, which I loved.  

Do you think I could place a Rose Gold Band with my Gold Engagement ring?


Ashleigh said...

A new stackable every year - that's the coolest idea - lucky lady! I personally think you could, this one is so sweet and fem, it would look pretty against another piece!

Dandelion and Grey said...

I adore mixing golds! Not so much a fan of mixing silver & gold...but that's just me. This band is incredibly lovely!

Dagmarette said...

I have been definitely been seeing alot more rose gold around lately and it has been growing on me! It has a vintage feel.

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Lu Olhosde Mar said...

I agree with Dagmarette - it does have a vintage look, while the white gold has a more modern look, don't u think??

regards from Brazil!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my!! i can't get over how beautiful this ring is!!

Kirby said...

I love all your comments!

I think i might go to our jeweler friend and pick out a few rings and then when T is ready to buy the wedding band he has choices all ready for him to choose ;) and I will most definitely be including a rose gold option!

thanks everyone!