Feb 25, 2011

Blush and Lace

 I love lace, which means I love these two dresses by Jim Hjelm.  The Lace has a vintage look to it and both silhouettes are great for so many brides!

If you are a bride to be looking for your dress and want lace, you MUST try these on!

Have a lovely weekend ladies!


Lauren said...

That top one is going into my permanent files!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Oh Kirby! That top dress is absolutely stunning!! I just love love LOVE the front so much! I don't think the back would flatter my figure but it sure does flatter hers!

That's really cool that you have family in Lawrence! I lived there for several years and miss it all the time! It's such a great little city! I'm such a sucker for KU basketball, too.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

love it!

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

I love the short one...so much fun!

Kirby said...

Lauren - I hear you can put that file of wedding dresses to good use now! Congrats!

Mo - KU is such a nice campus. when my cousin graduated high school they had their graduation in the basketball stadium!

Mara and E - The short one would be great for a simple elopment or a 2nd dress for your reception!


Señorita said...

The back of the dress in second photo from the top is very classy. Beautiful dresses :)