May 16, 2011

Wedding Plans: DIY Welcome Bags

 Okay so I had this post all ready to go for you on Friday and then something happend with Blogger and it completely deleted!  arg!  so lets try this again, okay?
 Welcome Bags.  An important detail in a wedding with people driving or flying from far away.  Not just for those couples getting married on a beach in Mexico anymore.  
This weekend my mom and sister are were in town and we will be working worked on welcome bags for our wedding!  I'm so excited about this project because I get to show my creativity and I think it will be a nice touch to those guests walking into their hotel room after a long drive or delayed flights to see a little present waiting for them. 

Since I do not live in Minnesota at the moment, I've asked my mom to help shop for items that will be going inside our welcome bags.  I like this list from Ruffled which is a great start to any welcome bag!
1. A Thank You card.
2. A Welcome note.
3. Water bottle.
4. A map (they’re often free). Also, a card with directions from the hotel to the venue.
5. Mints, snacks and treats.
6. Decent coffee (or tea). 
7. Tickets to a museum, movie or play, and a subway pass is your wedding is in NY. You can also find tourist guides for free!
8. Sunscreen if you’re having a beach wedding.
9. A weekend timeline if guests are invited to rehearsal dinner and other wedding events.
10. Advil or Tylenol.

 We plan to include many of these items with a few special touches of our own.  But this weekend we will just be printing the totes that I've purchased at Muji and will be following stenciling instructions from here.  

What are your weekend plans? 
How was your weekend?


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Bags like these are such a brilliant idea -- especially when they're filled with more than just candy. I'm actually silk screening a bunch of totes in my class tomorrow. It's too bad I don't have a bigger operation to make some for you.

And my weekend was lovely, but, as always, WAY too short.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

P.S. Love the new blog design. It's so fresh!

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

these are perfect! I think the welcome bags were one of my favorite things to put together - love the idea of the Starbucks coffee! Your guests will certainly love you:)

birdie to be said...

How lovely. And what a nice care package youve put together!

design elements said...

such a lovely idea! I think I'll make one for my mom.

p.s.: i like the new look of your blog a lot!