Jun 20, 2011

Natural Beauty

What a natural beauty she is!  Although I plan on having a more 'done up' look with my make up with color on my lips, I'm loving her wedding day look.  So pure and natural!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends and thanks for all your comments on last Friday's post.  The stress has definitely passed and I'm ready to tackle any and all the bumps that we hit on the way to the alter!

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Mo Pie, Please said...

She does look radiant! I'm glad you're feeling better - it is a stressful time and it's going to come and go (the stress) as you get closer to your big day. Don't get too stressed out - it's inevitable that something will go wrong (our ceremony was bumped back 20 minutes because someone got lost on the way there and our wedding was small so the groom made an executive decision to wait, leaving me kind of clueless and then everything was thrown off the rest of the night). But those things honestly will make you laugh later even though it won't seem that way. Just focus on the things that are most important to you and try not to let the other stuff build up. Feel free to chat w/me about anything you want, I'm here for you!