Jun 3, 2011

Wedding Plans: Bridal Shower

   Last weekend I flew home to Minnesota for a mini wedding weekend.  among other things I spent a lot of time with my family and had some bridal showers!  

But my first stop off the plane was lunch with some of the wonderful women in my family.  We ate at this cute little place right on the St. Croix river with a great menu!  I couldn't complain with a strawberry and basil mojito and a sweet potato and avocado sandwich!
(my moms side)
(my dads side)

 (my MOH and one of my BMs)

My Aunt Jody, cousin Courtney and family friend Sue threw this one(I had two in one day due to time constraints) and it was so much fun!  Plus it was great just to see everyone all together.  I even had family drive up from Kansas and South Dakota!  

I'll share pictures from my second shower another day as I haven't downloaded all my photos yet.  I hope your weekend weather is beautiful!  I'm taking advantage of a 1/2 day at work and going to lay in the park with my fiance and finish writing my thank you cards!


Laura *You Stir Me* said...

how fun! Is this your first wedding event? Doesn't it seem so much more real when all the festivities begin? Congrats! And, I love your dress - go you in your orange:)

Kirby said...

Thanks Laura! this was my first big wedding event. I am hosting a wedding craft day, does that count as a wedding festivity? ha

xo Kirby

Anonymous said...

Your dress looks amazing! GREAT CHOICE!