Jun 24, 2011

wedding Plans: Honeymoon Decisions

T and I are headed for a cruise stopping in Greece and Turkey for our honeymoon.  We extended our trip a few days past the end of the cruise so we could further explore the area.  the problem, we have no idea where our last 3 nights should best be spent!  Ruelala has some great deals in 4 different, beautiful, cities in Greece and I thought I would get  your opinion!  So tell me, have you even been?  If so, which of these four cities would you recommend more time in to explore or relax (besides the 12 hours or so while the cruise is at port)

The cities of choice are

Personally I've heard Santorini would be the place to go, but I also feel like there would be some beautiful sites to visit in Athens as well!  I'll give a more detailed recap of our honeymoon plans another time, so don't you worry! 

And yes, we will stop in all of these cities during our cruise.


sherri lynn said...

This sounds like an amazing honeymoon! I've heard great things about Santorini, so I'd go with that :)

Lauren said...

I think Kyle and I are going to do Italy and Greece for our honeymoon! I can't wait to go to Santorini!!

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

oh that sounds like the best honeymoon spot ever. You should ask Julie from the blog, Love, Julie - she is over in Greece and Turkey right now for a couple weeks:) I'm sure she'd love to point ya in the right direction!

kennady said...

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