Jun 10, 2011

Wedding Plans: Staying Organized

A few people I know have gotten engaged after I had started planning my wedding and the first advise I give them is to find a way to stay organized that works best for them.  In general I am a list person.  I make lists for everything and wedding planning was no exception.  List's of crafts and gifts, guest lists, lists of things to buy and do!  This works for me, so it worked with planning my wedding.  I also Love planners.  A co-worker of mine bought me a pre-made wedding planning binder and it was a great help!  there are so many though, I'm kinda glad she bought one for me and I didn't have to go sit in the book store for hours trying to figure out which one would do the job.  In the end I out grew the binder and transferred everything into a bigger one and bought clear sleeves to keep color swatches, programs from other weddings, tear sheets of inspiration, receipts, estimates from vendors and sign contracts.  Pretty much everything you would need to know about our wedding is in there. 

On top of lists and our binder I am also OBSESSED with Google Calendar.  below are my tentative and generic schedules for the day before our wedding and the wedding day.  I can be as detailed as I want, I can share with my mom, vendors and bridesmaids.  they can be printed out and passed around so everyone apart of your day is aware of what is going on and when they need to do certain things.  The options are endless.  I also have this linked with my phone so I can update on the go!

When the day gets closer I'll most likely get more specific on the wedding day and break things down even more.

One thing I should mention is that I have asked a friend to act as my 'day of coordinator'.  I asked her because she has done this before, recently planned and executed her wedding gracefully and isn't in the bridal party.  So while we are taking pictures she will be making sure the reception is all set to go while our guests are enjoying the social hour! 

for those of you who are married, What did you do to stay organized during the planning process? What worked and didn't work for you?

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