Jul 15, 2011

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I'm in Bridesmaid mode right now.  Most of my BM's are heading to NYC next weekend for what I expect to be a fabulous bachelorette party and I know that we will talk about their dress, which shoes they are going to wear, how they want to do their hair, etc...

I just really want all the ladies to feel beautiful and really feel apart of the day.  I just adore this picture and it is one that will be handed to my photographer with my lists of desired shots and people to watch.

When you were married, did you had a list like this to your photographer?  and if so any tips? shots that you wish you had (like grandma and grandpa dancing or just you and your mom/dad?), or maybe pictures that you are so glad your photographer snapped and have to tell everyone about?  fill me in, let me know!

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