Aug 22, 2011

you are one of a kind

Today I'm working on a custom hair piece request (don't you just love my phone quality photo that I took too late into the night?)  Oh, you didn't know I did that?  well now you do!  I really love working with brides to create a product they are in love with and is exactly what they dreamed of.  It really makes the hard work and long hours pay off.  
speaking of dreams, my dream is to one day have a space of my own that I can invite brides to meet with me in person for consultation on either a custom accessory or wedding gown. I can just picture it now, light grey paint on the walls, a big comfy couch and bridal magazines on the coffee table so you and your mom(or MOH) can flip through and continue to be inspired about your big day.  There would be a rack of sample dresses(made by yours truly), open shelves of sashes, hair clips, headbands and then there would be the variety of veils to try on.  Then there would be a dressing room with so many mirrors you could just loose yourself(sounds dreamy, right?)

Source: None via Kirby on Pinterest

as for my sewing room?  I'm loving this right now.  its organized, but still leaves me room to be creative

Okay so this dream may be a ways off and there are many things I have to do before I get there, but it is always good to have dreams and goals.  Gives you something to fight for!

Tell me, what are your dreams and future goals?


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You will so have that space one day, Kirby. I know it.

And I'm sorry we missed each other this weekend. Let's try again this week?

As for my hopes and dreams and goals...I'm working on them.

Mo Pie, Please said...

You're making me wish for these things too! Sounds amazing!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Make that dream a reality girl!! You're on your way :) xo

Debra Turner said...

Love the light space!

leeqiang said...

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LaVonne said...

Love reading your blog, Kirby.