Dec 28, 2009

Now that Christmas has passed and the New Year is on it's way I am starting to think of how I could have decorated or celebrated differently. I think for the next winter season I am going to make these two projects. I grew up in the country, in the woods and on a lake, so pine cones would be a great way to bring the memories of my childhood back into my tiny apartment.
I love this alternative to the standard wreath. Growing up my mom would try to decorate our house with more 'winter' things than Christmas things. That way we would decorate for the whole season rather than just a couple of weeks! This wreath reminds me of that concept and you could definitely leave it up for more than just the holiday season.
check out how to make it over at Sweet Paul's
oh Garland! For those of us who do not have a fireplace or an easy way of hanging garland we have to be creative. I would love to make this and wrap it around the Christmas tree, in the window or at the end of your bed frame.
how to is here!
I wish I did these projects sooner! I guess I'll just have to wait until next year!

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