Feb 25, 2010

City Hall

Honestly getting married at city hall is not for me, but for a lot of people it just works! the best way I can describe this couple is cool. don't they look the part? and I am dying over her dress! I love how vintage it is with the lace on top!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Loved this wedding. I think you need to take the leap too missy!!! Your dresses are so beautiful, I just know you'd be successful! They seriously make me weak in the knees they're so lovely... Yes, you'd probably need to hire help as your shop requires your slaving over a sewing machine...hmmm. You'll figure it out, I just know it! Thanks so much for your support, you're such a sweetheart. XOXO

abigail said...

such a beautiful wedding.

Elizabeth said...

I would totally do city hall if the building was romantic. All we have around here is yucky basement type deals.