Feb 26, 2010

Lets hear it for the Gowns!

So Today I took the day off from work. My best friend from home is flying in and we are going to go shopping, ALL DAY. We both became engaged with in 2 months of each other. her wedding is this august and mine... well we're not sure yet. 2011 for sure. anyways, I get have the honor of making her dress! So while she is here we are going to try on dresses (not me, just her), check out fabrics and trims and check out the flee markets for inspiration for her big day!

With that said, I just got the Martha Stewart Weddings spring issue in the mail and I am so inspired by the gowns. I can't wait to flip through it with her so we can create her dream dress!

{images from top to bottom: Martha Stewart weddings cover, Tiara gown by jenny packham, gown by jim hjelm, gown by christos}


Kirby said...

sad news, due to the crazy weather here in new york wed, thursday and friday her flight was cancelled. but we are going to move forward and start the dress anyways and reschedule her visit for another weekend.

Sheena Miller said...

I am truly very lucky to have you making my dress! And we'll get to do all of these things very very soon :) Love ya!