Sep 23, 2010

Don't you Love it when...

Don't you love it when you meet new people?  I do! 

Last night I attended an home furnishings design event that my friend Christina was involved in.  Through her I met Daniella, and I can't stop flicking through her blog archives.  She is a freelance graphic designer with a love of all things handmade.  I love her hand printed tea towels and gold rim dishes on etsy.

I also ran into my good friend Michelle, who is always a pleasure to see and chat with.


Brandi said...

I absolutely adore meeting new people -- which is why I was so thrilled to get together with you this summer. Daniella's blog is just lovely and I'm sure what I've seen so far is just a bit of the forest.

Daniella said...

Thanks so much for featuring me Kirby! It was really great meeting you last night, and I hope our paths shall cross again soon!