Sep 24, 2010


YES, It's Friday!

Just 8 hours of work in the office and then freedom.  I have plans of working on some projects, hitting the gym and maybe even a walk in central park.

What are you plans my Loves?


Brandi said...

Sounds like you have some fun planned! I'm heading to the Trolley Dances tomorrow, dinner with my brother tonight...and of course I'll be doing lots of schoolwork. Have a blast, Kirby!

jane said...

I have a zillion thank you notes to write for wedding gifts, but hopefully I'll sqeeze in some time for projects and maybe even a trip to the flea market. It's my birthday Sunday, so who knows what the weekend holds! xo,jane

Kirby said...

Brandi - I love your plans! well except for the homework part. and I bet you are going to be in the kitchem making something yummy!

Jane - Happy birthday on Sunday! I'm in the birthday mode. tylers birthday was last weekend and mine is in a few weeks. I hope you do something fun and special. the flea sounds like fun... I might have to take a break from my projects and head to one!

xx Kirby