Oct 25, 2010

What I dream about.


Dear Stephany,
I want you to make me look like this on my wedding day.
Love, Kirby

I can't get over how sexy(and beautiful) this couple looks.  I love all the color in the photos and to me it looks like the bridesmaids bouquets have the longest stems ever.  It looks very chic, yet casual and I'm loving every single part!

You have to check out more photos of this wedding (because there are so much more) taken by Denise Bovee.  Her photography is seriously beyond me.


Brandi said...

So lovely! I have a question for you: do you think it's better to put bridesmaids all in the same dress/color, or in the same color but different style dresses, or in the same dress in different colors? I'm curious to know what you think.

Lillian Chang said...

Oh, this is simply gorgeous. I love the bridesmaids' dresses (all different colors - yet somehow complementary), and I just adore the long stemmed bouquets!
And the bride looks so chic and fashion-forward! :) How very lovely!!

Dandelion and Grey said...

SO gorgeous. Denise Bovee is ridiculously talented!!!