Dec 21, 2010

Wedding Plans: Bridesmaids Style

I couldn't escape this picture when thinking up the look for my BM's.  When planning their looks it is important for me to let their personalities shine through.  I also want each girl to look beautiful standing alone and also for us to look great as a group. 

I decided to pick dresses from Rent the Runway.  Long gowns in shades of grey and black.  I asked them to find shoes in one of the colors of our wedding (red, orange, grey or black) in either a pump or peep toed heel and as for accessories... we are going to figure that all out once we have the dresses in place. 

They are all pretty excited about the idea of wearing designer gowns for a day, along with the fact that it won't cost them a fortune to buy a dress that they may possibly never wear again.  If you are in the NYC area RTR has a showroom where you can make an appointment to go see and try on the dresses too!  My maid of honor and myself are going to make an appointment to pick out a selection of dresses for each girl to choose and when they each can make it for a visit I will take them to try and pick one out! 

Definitely go online and check out their selection and I got an inside tip that they will be launching a wedding section to their site for this exact purpose!  how exciting is that!

Happy Renting!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh wow - what a cool idea! i'll have to look those dresses up. im sure your BM's were ecstatic!!! thanks for sharing!

Mo Pie, Please said...

That is a really great idea that I'm sure your bridesmaids are thanking you for. Have fun with all this planning, it really is the greatest!

Kirby said...

Thanks Ilene and Mo! The girls were all really excited and although they probably could use a classic black gown another time or two in their lives, they are much more spendy than short BM dresses and lets be real... who wants to spend $300 or more on a dress we may only fit into for a few years anyways!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

What a great idea! Love it! Wish that had been around for all those weddings that left me with poofy pink dresses that could never be worn for anything else!

xo Mary Jo