Dec 20, 2010

Wedding Plans: Bridesmaids

Happy Monday everyone!  This is a great week for a couple reasons.  The first being the fact that Christmas is this weekend and the second is that I have FINALLY have a bridal party!

Only one of my bridesmaids live here in New York with me so I decided to put together an invite to send to each of them since I couldn't ask them in person.  I will have 5 girls in total, 2 of them are Maids of Honor and 3 bridesmaid(my sister, a friend from grade-school, 2 friends from college and a flatmate from study abroad).  There is also a groomswoman (my fiances sister) who will be tagging along with me and the bridesmaids.  We are all going to have so much fun!!

Stop back tomorrow and you'll see what I have in mind for them to wear!


Brandi said...

Congrats on officially having your wedding party! I can't wait to see what dress(es) you have in store for them! Happy Monday, Kirby!

desmitten said...