Apr 1, 2011

Wedding Plans: 6 Months

6 Months from today this will be me!  

I can't wait to...
 remember every moment
 wake up with my mom and sister, and to get ready with my closest friends
listen to music while dancing around in robes drinking mimosas
see my dad and show him my beautiful dress
feel the nerves as we walk to the church
see Tyler for the first time waiting for me at the alter
kiss my husband
and celebrate with all our friends and family!


Lauren said...

I can't wait for you to have that!!! Yippie!!

Sunny & Star said...


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Design Elements said...

2 x yippie :-) lovely greetings

Mo Pie, Please said...

Only 6 more months? Hooray! It will definitely be the best day ever!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Oh, Kirby, I'm so excited for you! Six months? Your wedding day will be here in no time!

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

This sonds absolutely amazing :) And it will be all of this and more girlfriend. The next six months are going to fly by and you are going to love every second of it!! Wheee! xo

Jennifer Vance said...

Oh,yay! :) Congrats.
Will you be making your own dress,or buying one?