Jul 29, 2013

Farmers Market

A few weekends ago I made it to our weekly farmers market where they were celebrating 25 years!  There is always a great selection of fresh and locally grown produce but my favorite booth is the gluten free baked goods!  During the 25 year celebration there were also additional booths filled with craft and handmade items.  I really enjoyed the trailer-turn-consignment denim shop and the handmade, woven basket booth where I got a way cool basket to add to my cruiser!

I hope you all have a farmers market near where you live!

xo Kirby

Jul 22, 2013

Sandpoint, Idaho

This is where we live.  Isn't it beautiful!

Here are some facts about our new town:
- became a town in 1901
- you can hear trains all day and all night (don't worry, it's not annoying, it's actually kinda peaceful)
- it was named "Most Beautiful Town in the USA" as judged by USA Today and Rand McNally
- Sunset magazine named Sandpoint one of the West’s best small towns
- National Geographic Adventure labeled it a great adventure town 
- Outside magazine listed it among 20 dream towns
- Schweitzer ski area was founded in 1963
- Lake Pend Oreille (pond-er-ay) is the 5th deepest lake in the US and has 111.3 miles of shoreline
- Farmers Market filled with locally grown produce and hand made crafts (the potatoes are amazing!)
- Trails for hiking... I can't even count how many there are
- Molly the Moose (our regular town ambassador in the winter)
- Festival at Sandpoint (last year enjoyed the sounds of Barenaked ladies and more)
- Ben Stein and Viggo Mortensen are just a few celebs that own homes in the area

and there you have it!  just a few fun facts about this beautiful place!


Jul 15, 2013

Hey... It's me!

Hey there... It's been a while!  Here is a recap of what I've been up to this past year. 

We went to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding.  Did lots of snorkeling and got to take my picture with this awesome puffer fish! (highlight of my trip)

Adopted these two gems, Roxie and Riley.  
Roxie (white) is a shih-tzu/pug and Riley (black) is a Shih--tzu/pug/maltese.  
They are so loved!

HIKING!  lots and lots of hiking (I even bought shoes just for hiking) I snapped this picture while on a hike here in Northern Idaho.

I took a flower hanging basket class and made this gorgeous yard accessory!  Begonias are my new favorite flower

I bought an old dresser, then re-finished it.  It looks Amazing!  I'll post pictures soon.

went to the badlands in South Dakota for a short but amazing family vacation!  It is beautiful there and if you have a chance, please visit.  go hike through the badlands national park, go say high to 4 of our presidents, buy some cheesy key-chain at Wall Drug(and take your picture on the giant jackalope), drive by crazy horse monument and hike Harney's peak! 
Trust me, you won't regret it!

Oh, and did I mention we moved from NYC to Northern Idaho?  Yup!  I took a job and relocated us out to this small town on this beautiful lake.  We are completely surrounded by mountains, trees and every once in a while in the winter you might see Molly the Moose meander through town.  
And yes, we love it all!



Sep 20, 2012


I really do love wedding gowns with sleeves.  I think it's sexier to cover up, not to mention so classy.  I love the above sleeves I think all would interpret well onto your wedding gown.  
What do you think?

(all photos I've previously pinned on Pinterest)

Sep 14, 2012

gorgeous!  love the lace, the sleeves, the silhouette, the picture!

Jan 31, 2012

Grecian Style

I am loving this Grecian style dress, aren't you?  plus the pockets make it irresistible!  

Jan 25, 2012

Our Wedding Video

I struggled with the decision whether or not to hire a videographer for the wedding.  I had a friend who made sure they had enough money for one and another who didn't do it at all and didn't regret it.  I was torn... UNTIL I stumbled upon Colin.  He lives in LA but was raised in Minnesota.  He had the aesthetic I was wanting in a wedding video and he was so easy to work with.  I can't tell you how many emails we had back and forth with questions and concerns from me and answers and reassurance from Colin.  
We didn't meet until he morning of the wedding and he was great!  My husband to be couldn't stop talking about what a cool guy he was.  To be honest if we ever make it to LA for a trip we will probably call him up so we can hang out.  

Anyway, on to our A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. wedding teaser video

Colin also has a huge heart and recently came back from a trip to Nepal with the International Nepal Fellowship to create a documentary about their mission.  If you are feeling the need to give a little(or a lot) I'm sure he would love to hear that you have donated to the cause.  

Donate Here